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We live in the Digital Age. Online presence is a must. PresenceMe Digital Marketing can improve this.

You can make easy to find your brand, company or product online. This draws traffic to your personal brand, professional brand or shop online.
Business and consumers focus online, you must be there. Increase your reputation and your sales with a improve Digital Presence.

Where must you have Online Presence?

Online Presence: Show your business, brand or personal image in Directories, Search engines, and related sector websites.
- Have Web and Internet Presence with your own website. 
- Increase your sales with E-commerce Digital Presence, your online store can be open 24 hours and reach all the world population.
- Blog Presence: Create relevant content for your customers, show your brand
- Social Media Presence: We will identify the social networks where you should be present and we will also help you to create and manage your own social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Blogger, Wordpress ....).

REASONS for Digital and Online Presence

 - Create relevant content for your customers
-  Attract new clients and customers
-  Keep your customers informed about new products, opinions and more
-  Build relationships with visitors. Develop better customer relationships.
Add value to your website. Drive traffic to your website
- Let the world know more about your hobbies (cooking, travels, children, books, games, technology, science, history...)
Increase your search engine rankings
-  Have a strong online influence. It benefits your job search & personal brand.
-  Build a network

Online Presence and Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation Management (ORM) takes care of you.  
When people look for you (personal, company, brand, product,...) on the web they find what you want them to see, the best of you. 
This is the difference between success and failure. You decide, take care of your Online Presence Now.
-  Control your online identity, your reputation
-  Communicate your brand image, values, mision and vision of your company o personal brand.
-  Position your brand as an industry leader
- Develop an authority 
Be a reference for other business and customers.

Benefits of having the right Online Presence

The right Online Presence (Digital Presence and Reputation Online) can give you some benefits, returning the investment made for getting it:
-Help your customers to find you
-Reach more people
-Build a stronger brand
-Increase your credibility
-Make people talk about you positively

PresenceMe can help you. We are specialists for Spanish market. If you need a helping hand, count on us. 
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Improve your Online Presence and Digital Presence.

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